DSTF contribution to the 3rd EUSDR Forum, Vienna 26-27 June 2014

Between 26-27.06.2014, the City Hall of Vienna hosted the third Forum of the EUSDR. Although by topic, this forum was focused mostly on economy, the DSTF and its supporting partners ICPDR and WWF were actively present, disseminating information on Sturgeon 2020 Program, its key topics and current activities, and networking with stakeholders from the Danube Region.

The celebration of 20 years anniversary of the Danube River Protection Convention (signed in Sofia, on 29 June, 1994), offered ICPDR the opportunity to emphasize the progress done in water management and environmental protection in the Danube River Basin in last two decades; in this context, sturgeons were again mentioned as biological indicators of good ecological status and of river continuity. The need to restore migration routes, especially in the Iron Gates area, access to key habitats was also highlighted.

The workshop on environment and navigation, jointly organized by PAC 6 and PAC 1a, offered the opportunity of new exchanges between relevant stakeholders, underlining one more time the need of dialogue since early stages of developing infrastructure projects, as well as the importance of dialogue for the identification of balanced solutions.