DSTF 3rd meeting, Munich, 11-12 April 2013

Between 11-12 April, the third meeting of the Danube Sturgeon Task Force took place in Munich, being hosted by the Bavarian Ministry of Environment. The Strategy to implement Sturgeon 2020 Program was finalized, and the major measures required for the implementation were discussed and grouped in six key topics: (1) acquiring political support, (2) law enforcement and capacity building, (3) in situ conservation, (4) ex situ conservation, (5) socio-economic measures, (6) raising awareness. The foreseen measures combine environmental protection with social and economic initiatives to support the local fishermen communities, severely affected by the decline of sturgeon populations.

The presentations held during the meeting are available at the links below.

  • Guti - Middle Danube Sturgeon conservation - download
  • Nova Scola – Danube classroom on the water - download
  • Stoica – Fishermen communities from the Danube Delta - download
  • Suciu – Sturgeon research activities at the Danube Delta National Institute Tulcea - download
  • WWF – Life project Saving Danube sturgeons - download
  • Zaharia – Sturgeons in the Black Sea - download