DSTF 2nd meeting, Tulcea, 26-29 August

After a first meeting in Vienna, in January 2012, when the DSTF was established, a second meeting took place between 26-29 August 2012, in Tulcea, Danube Delta, Romania. 28 participants from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Switzerland have attended the meeting. The discussions have focused on the strategy to implement the Sturgeon 2020 program for sturgeon conservation in the Danube River Basin and the adjacent Black Sea (based on Sturgeon Action Plan, adopted in 2005 under the Bern Convention) and further actions required to develop the DSTF network accordingly.

Photo: Roxana Mazilu

Six key topics of the Sturgeon 2020 program were in focus:

  • Communication activities

  • Prioritization of socio-economic measures

  • Research priorities in natural environment

  • Ex-situ conservation measures

  • Acquiring political support

  • Law enforcement and competence building

Photo: Roxana Mazilu

Photo: Roxana Mazilu

The minute of the meeting and the presentations held by the participants are included in the attachments. 

  • Minute DSTF 2nd wks Tulcea 26-29 Aug 2012 - download
  • ICPDR Sturgeon Related Activities.pdf - download
  • WWF Awareness Raising.pdf - download
  • Bloesch - Economic aspects WS Tulcea August 2012.pdf - download
  • Reinartz -Sturgeon policy in the Danube River Basin.pdf - download
  • Reinartz - ex situ conservation.pdf - download
  • Lenhardt - Historical importance sturgeons.pdf - download
  • Sturgeon status NorthWestern BlackSea.pdf - download
  • Reinartz - Strategy for Danube River Sturgeon Conservation.pdf - download