Danube Day event, Bucharest, 26 June 2013

On 26 of June, the Romanian Academy hosted the celebration of the Danube Day event organized jointly by the Institute of Biology Bucharest, the Danube Sturgeon Task Force and the International Association for Danube Research. Under the motto “Get active for the sturgeons”, the event aimed to raise awareness on the threats faced by the sturgeon populations and the need to protect them basin wide to avoid their extinction. The event, attended by high level Romanian officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Romanian Academy and researchers, environmental NGOs and Ivan Patzaichin Association focused on the current state of sturgeon research in Romania, existing conservation programs, ecological programs to support the economic development of the local communities, and the future Sturgeon 2020 program promoted by the Danube Sturgeon Task Force with the support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Priority Area 6 (Biodiversity). In his message released with the occasion of the Danube Day, the EU Commissioner for Regional Policies, Johannes Hahn, emphasized the importance of developing the economy of the Danube Region while preserving its biodiversity, with a special focus on Danube sturgeons. The message is available at the link http://youtu.be/Qi53Y1nzLxM

The presentations held with this opportunity are available below:

  • Acad. Hera – Danube Academies scientific support to the EUSDR - download
  • Bloesch – Role of the International Association for Danube Research (IAD) in the Danube River Basin - download
  • Sandu – Sturgeon 2020 Program - download
  • Suciu – Sturgeons, a natural richness of the Danube River - download
  • WWF – Communication - download
  • Patzaichin – People and nature along the Danube River - download