1. Sturgeon Action Plan - download
  2. Ralf Reinartz - Sturgeons in the Danube River (2002) - download
  3. Sturgeon Conservation in the Danube River Basin: How to implement the Sturgeon Action Plan 2005 - download
  4. Historical Distribution, current Situation and future - Potential of Sturgeons in Austrian Rivers - download

National Action Plan:

  • Bulgaria - "Action plan on conservation of sturgeons in the bulgarian aquatories of the Danube River and the Black Sea" - download
  • Romania - "National Sturgeon Management Plan (To implement the Regional Strategy for the conservation and sustainable management of sturgeon populations in the NW-Black Sea and Lower Danube River according to CITES)" - download
  • Serbia - "Action Plan for Sturgeon Species Management in Fishery waters of Republic of Serbia." - download
  • CITES - "Regional Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Sturgeon Populations of the N-W Black Sea and Lower Danube River in accordance with CITES" - download

Sturgeon 2020 Program: